By installing a larger capacity battery

Those who, like me, own a Clevo N151ZU, have perhaps notice that an evolution named N151CU came out a short time ago. It notably brings a battery of greater capacity (54 Wh instead of 36 Wh). Since this is the main weakness of the N151ZU, I thought it was worth checking if the N151CU’s battery could adapt to the N151ZU. After a few email exchanges with Ekimia, who offer spare batteries for Clevo computers, they confirmed that it was possible if using the location of the second hard drive. Of course, to have a bigger battery, you need more space… So I ordered this new battery. I’ve just installed it and the N151ZU’s increased battery life is there! Here is the result :

Battery life with the old 36 Wh battery
Battery life with the new 54 Wh battery

Even if 6 hours seems optimistic, it remains interresting :-).

To help you enjoy an increased battery life of your N151ZU, I will detail below how to proceed. I used this tutorial published on ifixtit as a starting point. Of course, these instructions are given without any guarantee. If you decide to go ahead, it is at your own risk ;-). However, if you have the right tools, are patient, meticulous, it should go well.

Step 1: Remove screws from the lower case

Remove the frame screws (red circles) and the two keyboard screws (green circles):

Step 2: Unclip the keyboard

Then unclip the keyboard using a solid, thin and not too sharp object that you insert in the slot provided for this purpose. This is simply one of the two screw threads of the keyboard:

If you encounter some trouble unclipping the keyboard, you can use the second screw thread of the keyboard as an opening to push the keyboard with the object you have chosen.

This action should not completely unclip the keyboard. Turn the computer over and use a thin, flat, plastic object to avoid scratching the computer case and use it to finish unclipping the keyboard at the red arrows slots below:

Once the top and side of the keyboard is unclipped, slide it upwards to release the lower part, following the green arrow above.

To help meunclipping the keyboard, I used an advertising soft plastic ruler (you can see here the side without advertising ;-):

Step 3: Disconnect the two keyboard ribbon cables

For both cables, the operation is the same: lift the black part of the connector, then gently pull on the cable. To lift the black part, a pressure with a fingernail is enough, no need to use a tool. Carefully take note of the place where each ribbon cable is inserted in the connector because you will have to be put then back in place at the end. Take a picture if you are not sure.

Here are the before and after positions of the black part of the connector to help you understand how it works:

Partie noire du connecteur en place
Partie noire du connecteur relevée

Step 4: Remove screws under the keyboard

Remove the three screws located under the keyboard:

You can now remove the lower case. If needed, use the thin, flat object used previously. Insert it in the space between the two parts of the case to make it easier to unclip.

Step 5: Remove the old battery

The battery is in the top left corner of the picture below:

First disconnect the power plug located at the bottom of the battery, by pushing with the tip of a screwdriver (or a fingernail) according to the red arrows below:

Then remove the six screws (keep them carefully to set the new battery!):

Step 6: Remove the connector of the second hard disk drive

The new battery will use the space available for a second hard disk. Yes, increasing battery life of the N151ZU comes at that price! First, remove the existing connector to free up as much space as possible for the new battery. To do this, remove the transparent adhesive at the green arrow below. Then peel off the ribbon cable at the red arrow. Finally, remove the ribbon cable at the blue arrow. Do as with the keyboard ribbon cables, starting by lifting the black part of the connector.

Step 7: scotch tape the rightmost ribbon cable

Just in case, tape the rightmost ribbon cable on the motherboard. Otherwise it could be crushed by the new battery.

Simply tape the ribbon cable as in the picture below, at the red framed area:

Step 8: Install the new battery

You can take this opportunity to clean the computer inside if needed!

First insert the power plug of the new battery as the old one. The red wires are on the right side of the plug if your computer is oriented as in the pictures of the article.

Then, place the battery in its slot using the small black pins as a guide. The pins fit into the corresponding openings at the edge of the battery. Then screw on the battery using the screws from the old one. One will be missing, but this is not a big issue:

Photo is not very clean because here the battery is just put on the old one. Yes, I forgot to take a picture when installing the new battery…

Step 9: Reassemble the computer

Replace the lower case by clipping it to the upper case. Then replace the 3 screws under the keyboard. Then reconnect the two ribblon cables of the keyboard. Make sure that you have inserted them correctly by gently pulling on them once the black part of the connector is down. The cable should not move.

At this point, you can make a first attempt to reboot the computer to see if everything is working properly before closing down.

Then re-clip the keyboard by first putting back the bottom side (green arrow in the beginning photo) and then by clipping the top, the right and the left side of the keyboard (red arrows in the same photo).

Finally, tighten the screws on the lower case.

Congratulations, you did it! You can now enjoy the increased battery life of your N151ZU.